Josie Harris is a vivacious, talented, driven young woman who fell in love with Floyd Mayweather Jr, undefeated professional champion, when they were both still teenagers.

In many ways, they rescued each other from the realities of broken homes and growing up too fast.
After years of push and pull and trying to make it work, Josie and Floyd’s main purpose is to be the best parents to the three children they share together.

Josie, the entrepreneur, is in the process of getting two businesses off the ground with her business partner Julie Brown. Nappiesaks Inc. and Sisters and Spatulas are the two enterprises Josie and Julie are developing.

Josie, the author, is finishing a book on the story of her life.
Some people close to her will not like her interpretation of their history but she’s determined to tell the truth as she sees it.

Josie, the activist, wants to reach out to hurting women. AIDS is the leading cause of death for African-American women and has been for the last eleven years. Josie is certified to counsel women on the fundamentals and prevention of HIV. This is a critical issue for not just African-American women but young people who represent the bulk of new infections in the US. Josie is working to help make a dent in this critical issue.