aout me.

Josie Harris is a vivacious, talented, driven young woman who fell in love with Floyd Mayweather Jr, undefeated professional champion, when they were both still teenagers.

In many ways, they rescued each other from the realities of broken homes and growing up too fast.
  After years of push and pull and trying to make it work, Josie and Floyd’s main purpose is to be the best parents to the three children they share together.

Josie, the entrepreneur, is in the process of getting two businesses off the ground with her business partner Julie Brown. Nappiesaks Inc. and Sisters and Spatulas are the two enterprises Josie and Julie are developing.

Josie, the author, just completed a creative non-fiction book called Sometimes When You Win, You Lose;    My Life With Floyd Mayweather Jr.  (a working title) the book is about the story of Josie’s life with one of the most powerful highest paid athletes and professional boxers in the world today. In this book you will get the juicy uncut version of Josie’s life with Floyd Mayweather Jr. who was formerly known as Pretty Boy Floyd and now goes by Money Mayweather.

Josie, the Entertainer/Producer, moved to LA to pursue her dreams to become an actress. Josie has studied under acting coach Ivana Chubbuck. Josie appeared in a few independent films, and recently stared in 8 episodes of Starter Wives Confidential on the TLC network. Josie is looking to continue to pursue her television debuts and continue to work in the entertainment industry.  Josie is currently in pre-production of a sizzle reel for a show.

Josie, the single mom, is the mother of Koraun Mayweather who is 14, Zion Mayweather 13, and Jirah Mayweather 11. Being a mother is the most important and rewarding job to Josie and her children come first in her life.